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Welcome To Caron Oyston Counselling

Counselling in Boston

Welcome to Caron Oyston Counselling, I am a counsellor based in Boston, Lincolnshire, and also provide telephone counselling from Lincolnshire. I have many years experience as; a registered independent counsellor in Lincolnshire, a supervisor of counsellors and I am a trainer in personal development skills. I am a senior accredited counsellor in Lincolnshire with over 20 years experience, so you can feel safe in the knowledge that I am a professional.

Caron Oyston counselling is based at an accessible practice in Boston, Lincolnshire. I mainly provide counselling on a one to one basis; however I also offer relationship counselling. If you do not want to come to my practice or you cannot get there I also offer telephone counselling from my practice in Lincolnshire.

My theoretical approach as a counsellor in Lincolnshire is humanistic; I use the core conditions of genuineness, honestly, empathy and perception. No matter what area you seek help with I will accept you unconditionally. I believe this is of great importance in order to build a strong therapeutic relationship between ourselves. It is my aim to help each client to understand themselves and their problem situations.

Counselling Boston

Being registered/accredited with a professional body means an individual must have achieved a substantial level of training and experience approved by their member organisations Caron gained her Accreditation in 1995 is fully qualified, experienced and registered.

What is Counselling?

Boston Counselling

By explaining what counselling is, I hope this will help you decide if you would like to use my Caron Oyston Counselling services. As a counsellor in Lincolnshire I give you the opportunity to talk through what is going on in your life. Talking with a neutral person, who is not family member or a work colleague about issues that are causing you problems, is one of the main concepts of counselling. As a counsellor in Lincolnshire I am here to listen to you about how you are feeling. I do not judge or tell you what you should be doing, I’m here to support.

Counselling is an opportunity to:

  • Talk privately and confidentially about your experiences
  • Express feelings you wouldn’t express with family and friends
  • Receive help for yourself, your partner, your family and many more
  • Be listened to and have your feelings understood from your point of view
  • Caron Oyston counselling works with you to find ways of coping
  • Make a positive choice to help yourself
  • Be heard either face to face or over the phone
  • Have the weight lifted from your mind and shoulders
  • Experience a safe, supportive and non judgemental environment
  • Gain insights and new perspectives on your problems

For more information on Caron Oyston counselling, please call me on 0845 475 6313 or 01205 366 374. Everyone hits a rough patch in their life, you are not alone.

Counselling in Boston Counselling in Boston Counselling in Boston Counselling in Boston